Seven Tips For Getting Your Home Ready To Sell In East Texas

Dated: 03/20/2018

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  1. Curb Appeal.

    We all know you can't judge a book by its cover, but you only get once chance to make a first impression.  Take a long hard look at the exterior of your house from a distance - try to look at it with eyes of a buyer wanting to drive up to a welcoming home, their NEW home!  Since this is the first live view they are going to get when coming to see your house, make sure it is an appealing site.  Get rid of those weeds, spruce it up with a few seasonal plants (don't overdo it here) and make it a welcoming site for anyone passing by that just might see that sign in the yard and make that call to come see the house.

  2. Clean the House.
    Start at the top and work all the way to the bottom.  Pay special attention to the entryway and clear any cobwebs in corners throughout.  The more you clean the more your house will shine compared to other properties on the market.  Note:  Try to avoid using harsh chemicals and anything with heavy scents (more info on this in the "check for smells" section below).

  3. Declutter.
    Since you will be packing to move soon anyway, its best to start now.  It helps in the showings of the home to be less cluttered to allow the potential new owners to visualize their own items in the house.  AND, it will be easier on you when you are moving to your new home.  Reach out to your local area's recycle center and/or non-profit resale shops, make a list of the items they take and when.  A lot of the times you can get rid of a lot of stuff and its free while going to a good cause.  Then tackle the larger items in the house that are in need of replacing or you aren't planning on taking with you to your new home, then work your way down to those junk drawers and cabinets that we all seem to have one of in each room.

  4. Depersonalize.
    Remove family photos
    - this is VERY important!  When potential new owners are walking properties, they tend to think about the current family in the house if there are pictures of your family on the walls.  This can make it more difficult for them to see their own family leaving there when the house still looks like your home.

  5. Check for smells.
    Over time our homes begin to smell the way we like them to because it is another way we personalize our living space.  We may not even notice that our house has a certain smell because we become accustomed to it.  You can help rid your home of your personal fragrance choices just air out your house.  Also, there are so many people out there that are super sensitive to scents, this can be a major negative to those walking through your home because they will be thinking about how long it will take to get rid of the fragrances.

  6. Finish All Repair Jobs.

    Do this BEFORE the house goes on the market!  If your bathroom tile project is partially done or the drippy faucet in the spare bathroom is still dripping, carve out some time or hire the needed contractor to tackle those little repair jobs that can potentially kill a sale.

  7. Make Sure Everything Works.
    Check all electrical outlets and every light in the house.  Some agents check these things when walking clients and will point them out if there is an issue.  If they don't point that out, the home inspector will for sure during the inspection process once the property is under contract to be sold.

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